Why learn German

I have asked this question my students of 8-14 years of age. The answers ranged from being able to communicate with my family abroad, read German books, watch German films, travel when I grow up, make new friends and my parents would like me to. The latter reason might not make any sense to a child at the time but once older they will enjoy the benefits. These might include the possibility to study at a German university, live in Germany or even more work for a German company.

German is an important second language not only in Central and eastern Europe but within Australia. It’s recognised as a language of culture, music, philosophy as well as a key language in the fields of science and technology. Being proficient in at least one of the world languages can open up greater academic and career opportunities.

Understanding the German language and culture is a key to interacting effectively with German speakers and helps provide a clearer understanding of the traditions, beliefs, attitudes and values of German speakers.

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