End of term

Hurray, it’s the end of term! I don’t know about your children but mine are shattered – “kaputt sein” as we say in German. They can’t wait to have free time, lounge around, see friends and watch movies.

Die Kleine Hexe

As some of my students had already left to head home to Austria, Germany and Switzerland, we ended the term in a relaxing way. We watched a German movie called Die Kleine Hexe. It is a story of a kind young witch that would like to become a “good” witch and learn all the spells there are. By doing so she would be able to join the circle of the older witches and be allowed to take part in their activities. But “good” might not always mean what you have in mind.
It’s a charming movie for kids and a great adaption of Otfried Preuβler’s classic book. Karoline Herfurth makes a perfect Little Witch.

CD, DVD, piece of paper and a lolly jar on top of a colourful blanket
The Little Witch

Keeping students engaged

The students took their shoes off and got comfy on lots of cushions. To keep them engaged, they had to tick off animals on a list when they spotted them in the movie. They also had to answer a couple of questions and figure out the meaning of some new words such as “Hexentanz”. Watching a movie is a great way of learning a foreign language. You can learn new phrases, hear the language spoken and connect words with images.

I wish you all a relaxing break.

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