Die Zaunkönige

An image of a Annette, the founder of Die Zaunkönige.

I’m Annette, the founder of Die Zaunkönige German Classes for children and young people. I’m a native German speaker from Bonn, a lovely university town in the heart of Germany. I grew up near Cologne.

My love for languages was triggered by both my parents taking us on multiple trips to places all over the UK and a great French teacher at high school. Hence it was no surprise that I headed over to the UK and Paris straight after completing my Abitur (A-Levels). In both countries I enrolled in language courses. I ended up studying in the South of England and later in London. I graduated with a BA (Hons) degree in Visual Communication Design (Ravensbourne University London).

My first job brought me to Denmark to work for LEGO, a multi-cultural company. Knowing a second language and picking up bits of Danish made my stay a smooth experience. Afterwards it was back to the UK where I worked on many educational projects. Before finally settling down in Australia at the end of 2008, my husband and I travelled around the world.

I strongly believe learning foreign languages gives you a unique insight into foreign cultures and people’s daily lives and enriches your experience of living/ working/ studying or travelling abroad.

Being married to an Australian and raising kids in an English-speaking country, made me aware of the importance of passing down my mother tongue and cultural background to my children. I enrolled both my kids at a German Saturday school to keep them exposed to the German language and be involved with children of similar backgrounds.

Furthermore, I took up a course at the Goethe Institute in Munich for distance learning and obtained a certified degree in Deutsch als Fremsprachen in der Grundschule (German as a second language at primary schools). The latter gave me the opportunity to teach for several years at the well established Brisbane German Language School.
As the word got out that I was teaching German to children, I was approached by friends to teach their children. They were looking for classes in South Brisbane and preferably during the week. Hence, I set up
Die Zaunkönige – German classes for children who have a German background and want to stay in touch with their family language.

I find it very exciting and rewarding seeing my students enjoying the benefit of speaking another language and developing a passion and interest for the German language and its culture.

Having a background in design, I enjoy being creative with my students, embracing cultural events by getting crafty and making new teaching resources when needed.

For further information or to book a free of charge trial class
at Die Zaunkönige , please contact ANNETTE BLAKENEY.
CALL 0466 376 038 or EMAIL annette@deutsch-bne.school