Die Zaunkönige offers a friendly environment where children feel welcome and looked after, to make new friends, be among other kids that share a German background and practise/refine the language. When living in an English environment, it might become increasingly difficult to maintain fluency in their native language.

Connecting families to community

Die Zaunkönige creates a hub for families to socialize, connect and feel part of a community. Together we celebrate traditional festivities such as Karneval, St. Martin, Ostern and Weihnachten and have social outings such as going to a German restaurant and the German Film Festival.
SBS German – Easter Tradition

Tailored small classes

Tailored small classes are adapted to the age and language ability of each child to ensure that they enjoy learning with friends and enable them to benefit in the best possible way.

Children are welcome to come for a trial class to find out which level suits them best.

Target Group

Die Zaunkönige is for children 6 years and upwards. Typically, the children have a German-speaking family member, or have had some exposure to the language.

Classes taught in German

All lessons are held predominantly in German. The focus of the classes is for the students to become confident in reading, writing, speaking and understanding the German language and learn grammar and spelling.
The lessons are based on topics related to constantly changing themes. To make the classes come alive different materials and ways of teaching are integrated such as playing games, making crafts, drama, role-play, music, German films, poetry.

Project based learning: The children selected one of their favourite German books and presented it to the class. Individually students answered questions such as who, where, when, what happens in the story. The results were displayed in a book cover that was exhibited at a book fest attended by families. The students practised reading, writing, grammar and speaking while working on the project.