How do I enrol my child?

To enrol your child, please return the completed enrolment form to annette@deutsch-bne.school.

Click here to download an enrolment form. Please note that a place can only be guaranteed upon receipt of payment subject to availability. If you wish to cancel your place you must do so, in writing, at least two weeks before the start of term.


The Fees are outlined in the enrolment form. Fees must be paid before the first lesson of each term.

How many students per class?

I have a maximum of 12 students per class (average 6-8).

What if I miss a class?

No refund can be made for absence or illness, or for a cancellation once the term has started. I understand people live a busy life, but ideally it would be most beneficial if your child attends regularly.

Cancellation of classes?

In the rare case of a class being cancelled, you will get a credit for the following term or in case you are discontinuing with classes be fully reimbursed for that specific class.

Do classes take place on Public Holidays?

No classes are held on public holidays. You won’t be charged.

Do I have to pay full term fees if my child starts mid-term?

Not if the child is a newly enroled student. You will be charged from the day your child starts classes.

What about social/extra events?

I usually try to arrange once per term a picnic or outing that gives families an additional opportunity to connect. These are at your own expense and voluntary.

Are you a holder of a Blue Card?

Yes, since 2016.

Where are you located?

At Cannon Hill State School, B-Block
845 Wynnum Rd
Cannon Hill,
QLD 4170
It’s a bright room with high ceilings in a historic building.
There is car parking on the road. Close to supermarkets and cafes.